Comedy, comedy, comedy. That's what this act is all about. But John Park is no joke-telling stand-up comic. Instead, this performer uses clever juggling and visually engaging comedy routines set to music to make his audience laugh. The crowd is with John all the way - even on stage, as volunteers take part and challenge John laugh for laugh for the comedic spotlight.

Non-Stop Comedy! Don't be fooled by the picture to the right. This talented showman may look confused, but that's only acting. Any professional funnyman knows never to step on a joke and wait as long as needed for the LAUGHS to subside. (John definitely practices this professional technique often!)

Kung Fu? Not in this show. But you will see the flying marshmallows, scarf dancing, the water routine and other unusual and funny things that make this comedy and juggling show so ORIGINAL AND STYLISH. (Check out that blue jacket!)

The performance finishes with a real showstopper: Aided by two able-bodied volunteers, John mounts a 6-foot unicycle, juggles three clubs, and, with a comic commentary running the whole time, throws the last club under his leg - the crowd goes wild! The Comedy & Juggling Show pays off big: big laughs, big tricks, and a big, big finish!