Plate spinning is a powerful metaphor for busy people in stressful jobs. In this light and funny Keynote, the Master of Multi-tasking shares the secrets he's learned from plate spinning and juggling with ordinary people leading busy lives who are trying to keep all their balls in the air.

• How to do 9 Things at Once
• Multi-Tasking
• Serial Single-Tasking
• Focus vs. Awareness
• Zooming In, Zooming Out
• Dealing with Overload

• Relaxed Concentration
• Inner Voice, Friend or Foe?
• The Stigma of Mistakes
• What is Peak Performance?
• Peak Performance Every Day
• The Power of Persistence
More than ever before people are being asked to do more with less. This entertaining keynote addresses this problem head on and will give you techniques you can use today that will make you a better multi-tasker, even under stress.